Lisa Gundry, Ph.D., DePaul University
This book is at once a professional and personal account of how to successfully launch and run a small business. It offers advice and wisdom to would-be entrepreneurs and to those who are launching and growing a business. The authors write insightfully within a set of 50 brief and easy-to read memos, offering a host of stories and examples on what you need to know and navigate on this journey. From crafting your vision and strategy, to building your team, to managing the finances and having a life outside your business, and much more, to those who are starting, running and growing a business, make sure you get the memos!

Kevin R. Lawler, Venture Capital/Angel Investor
This book is different from any other business, managerial or leadership book I’ve read (in the last 30 years?).  While other business books detail useful and practical business concepts, impart wisdom, or summarize leadership qualities of well known, successful Fortune 500 CEOs, Memos to Dan embodies the human element of being a successful, ethical business owner, whether big or small.  In easy to read, quick-hit, impactful ‘memos’, the reader has a genuine, tangible feel for the challenges and rigor, the sweat and the struggle….and the unbelievably satisfying rewards that come with being a successful owner of a small, family business.  This is an enjoyable and captivating read that would be insightful for any young professional considering a career in business, finance or entrepreneurship.  Memos to Dan artfully demonstrates that true leadership, and success as a small business owner, is also about who you are and not just what you do – that guidance, humility, intelligence, common sense, and compassion, need to be practiced each and every day to achieve desired results.

Patrick J. Murphy, Ph.D., Professor of Entrepreneurship, DePaul University
Memos to Dan is a very practical book – and its practical parts, I must say, are truly excellent. Entrepreneurship is hard to teach effectively because every entrepreneurial venture is patently unique.  However, Memos to Dan balances specific examples with a solid conceptual foundation to make its lessons highly generalizable. The sections on family business are fascinating – especially when it comes to how and when to navigate the often complicated transitions of a company among family members. The information about mentors is extremely novel – I had never thought about engaging vendors as advisors, but now I will utilize this notion in my own lectures and consulting work. The book’s organization is fantastic – it includes a large number of short and specific chapters that make for a very useful handbook.

Mark Linsz, Co-Founder and Senior Managing Partner, My Next Season
An essential read for anyone launching or running a small business.  Having left the corporate world three years ago to launch a business, I found each of the memos to be filled with insights and nuggets of wisdom.  I only wish that I would have read it before I founded my business.